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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 29, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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this morning the golden gate bridge. the fog is back. >> it is back but a source of the cooler temperatures may be are tired of that travel digit heat and that's good news for you. low clouds and fog cooling trend jigs and today and will continue the rest of the workweek. here's how much cooler temperatures will drop today dropping off by 17 degrees temperatures for san rafael, san francisco, kantor napa and concord. bridge across the board to cool down not as much from the beaches. counters right now 61 in san francisco. different from the '70s we saw yesterday. 66 through oakland concord. 75
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through fremont and san jose as well. the afternoon we will be open to the '90s and santa rosa so finely out of the triple digits. 94 napa and vallejo. 75 percent versus the but much of the bay dempster's and 80 today 82 in oakland 85 and hayward down into the south bay low 90s no triple digits of course the coast temperature 70 degrees along the coast. cooling-off today still up for nine days so will still be warm little breezy into the afternoon that we cool it down by 10 degrees tomorrow. we will continue with a cool down by the weekend low-mid-80s. though '70s for the coast. 6:01 a.m. >> a bridge check no hot spots
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are problems right now this lawyer ride around the bay area the bay bridge no real delays here we nemerov commute yesterday even though we were in saddam free for the early part of the morning that did not stop us from having a back up and to the macarthur maze that was no more than a meter and light the light. you're right to the san mateo bridge i think we have that available. the commute looks good though westbound or commute direction heading over towards foster city traffic moving just fine no problems there at all. your commute heading back towards hayward also looks good 92 looks good in both hands both at 1 01 and 880. the golden gate bridge ride 1 01 southbound in the fog this morning placid fog. no problems for the trip across the span traffic is moving smoothly as well. for your trip to public transit you if you're writing are no delays or problems
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reported ace train and children on time. >> federal judge blocks the execution of the convicted rapist and murderer. he was set to put to death tomorrow but the judge suspended the execution until he could review the policy. he said he cannot do that in the time allotted. he said the state knew but never disclosed the last few doses of sodium thiopental expired on friday a nationwide shortage means they will not able to get more and still early next year. gov. schwarzenegger says the state plans to appeal on the state. >> 2010 in the debate between the candidates for california governor. the scene last night from uc-davis as republican mega whitman and jerry brown square off. the candidates traded
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blows and a range of issues including immigration, education and the effectiveness of the administration appeared the debate focuses on how to fix the state's economy. >> i would start by example i would say i will cut 15-20 percent of the government office and i will sit in the legislature it to return next i would like to see you get 15-20% i know they can. with star with the agencies and go from there i've done a budget's most of the moron time one was late by a weaker to nothing like this mess i know how to do would i have the willpower i have the independence and i know a lot of things like the energy commission being duplicating with other commissions we think i don't believe when people say they have not cut to the bone they are still fooling around with a lot of fat. >> mr. brown has been funded by the employees they will be
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there to collect ious and that's not the best interest of the state of california. we need to do with right for the all of the people. we will have to renegotiate poet pension and welfare. those are two things i focus on first. >> a poll shows jerry brown is leading men and women in this race but only slightly it's an l.a. times polls. it shows brown leading women and 49%. it shows will brown is favored by women and latinos fewer younger voters are backing him. the economy is a big issue with 86 percent saying it is on the wrong track. >> police are trying to track down their rate suspect this is the picture. damir shalako white male 25 years old five-foot eight 170 lbs. blackshear black eyes. distinctive tattoos the rape allegedly happened to next
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to his grandmother's apartment the grandmother heard screaming she went to investigate she saw the grandson and attacking the big dumb the victim was beaten and raped and damir shalako sold $1,000. >> we need this guy from back in jail immediately he as distinctive tattoos he needs to go back to prison should still be in the location on foot. >> it happen around noon yesterday the suspect is a poorly considered dangerous it believes he may be using public transportation to get around. >> the death toll rose to eight tuesday. the san mateo county coroner's office confirmed james emil franco, 58, died monday morning at a san francisco hospital. for millions in federal disaster aid for the gas pipeline explosion. fema determined that state and local governments, along with the
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utility that owns the ruptured pipeline, could cover the cost of recovery on their own, however, fema will reimburse california for up to 75 percent of the firefighting expenses connected to the blast. >> a live look at san jose start skies and a bit cooler today traffic with just a few of reckless @2
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a-d-m-i-r-a-b-l-y. admirably. [ male announcer ] at&t is making high speed internet affordable for only $14.95 a month with select services. at&t. rethink possible. , live look at walnut creek. traffic moving smoothly. rain now 61 degrees in walnut creek. it will be beautiful today. no 100 degree temperatures but still on the hot side. low 90s today instead of 100. >> all local day care of will close its doors over one day protest. 2000 kids will the
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state funding agency is closing its 41 locations kid and goal is joining 12 agencies in a march and rally with employees and children in fremont today spokesperson for provider said the state has not paid them since july 1st. >> stock futures pointed lower this morning. it was up yesterday with only two trading days left in september the dow jones on track for its best september since 1939. a gain of 8% this month. afg is speeding out plans to payback its debt. campbell soup alcee l. douglas will step down next year after a decade at the home gold hitting and all new record high over $1,300 an ounce. >> new details now on the
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hospitalization of jimmy carter doctors say although he says he feels much better than one keep him through the day for observation. he admitted to the hospital for an upset stomach. he was in the city for a book signing tour there are hopes he would resume today it does not look like that will happen. family members say he is comfortable and is expected to continue his book tour this week. >> time now 612 and we will be back with more in a couple of minutes the heat is easing off since some today so you are looking for to the forecast today. the bay bridge everybody is up and moving but the meter today. the bay bridge everybody is up and moving but the meter and lights are not even on.
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[ female announcer ] jerry brown and oakland's schools. what were the facts? fact: march 7, 2000. brown asks voters for new mayoral power to appoint school board members. he gets it, and promises better schools. but the drop out rate increases...50%. the school budget goes into a 100 million dollar deficit. the schools become so bad...the state has to take them over. it was "largely a bust," he admitted. jerry brown. failure as governor. failure as mayor. failure we can't afford now.
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6:15 a.m. wednesday morning seeing some fog roll in this morning low cloud cover also a bit of a cool down today big difference or lost doubleday's san jose this morning currently in san jose temperatures are still in the '60s. mild start for the morning noontime we will jump into the 80s your high today 91. still warm out there not quite as hot as we have been dealing with 80 by 8:00 hour period of four temperatures much cooler this morning in san francisco 60, 63 san rafael. still seeing '70s in antioch and fremont we did see '70s in the south bay but we have cooled off and the san jose obverse '60s thoughts. by the time clock are warming it up seeing '80s out there year after and highest the south will see '90s movement and year highs topping out into the 80s and 90s today. notre all
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digits of the forecast which maybe a relief for some folks by a temperatures into the '70s a look at the numbers for you 90s through the north bay by religious and low 90s. 93 napa of vallejo 81 richmond today also '80s are on the the bay low 90s for los gatos and san jose 87 through around you. the coast is at 70 degrees still not bad tee it hit the beaches today. 7 day around a day cooling down each day so thursday will be 10 degrees cooler than what we expect today. keeping cooling off towards the end the work week. >> let's get a check on traffic with george. >> a developing hot spot in san leandro we have is an accident or possibly two that are
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blocking three lanes of traffic. left lane here and be on the two right lanes. traffic is slowing on 880 in the southbound direction. in the northbound direction of a 80 right up here around 23 there are reports a vehicle pulled over because a tanker truck was leaking a white substance. it may only be mailemilk. lanes blocked with an overturned vehicle was read courted at and the off ramp but it was reported to be blocking to lanes. east bay problems for the nimitz freeway and 580 already kron 4 is turkey's assault is on route and how well have led for. the bay bridge ever so slightly back up
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building but still is must commute. san mateo bridge no problems reasonably light traffic even in the committee direction note commute direction the headlights are fine. fog cooling fog at the golden gate bridge for your southbound 1 01 ride but it won't slow your trip across the span there are no problems through marin county. even the north bay ride looks much better than it did yesterday. >> we are going to get a break from the extreme heat that we've had for the last few days but because of that he we still have fire danger today so-so reporters or of their yoli is out there in the oakland hills it was this time year people think or of the woods now but we are not. >> not at all. our fire expected
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season extends into october we are coming up to the anniversary for open fires appeared the vegetation does not look that dry but as i can at and it is still hard to see because it is dark. it is very dry its not a matter of temperature its humanity. and how much moisture or lack of moisture is as in the vegetation that makes these conditions extremely flammable. those are conditions that people have to watch for today so don't use your lot more or anything like that because that could start a spark than a fire. >> they say it's mostly from people this time of year so keep an eye on that yoli. >> stories we're following catholic diocese is facing a fifth lawsuit. the latest lawsuit filed by a woman
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claiming she was molested in 1995 by stephen when she was 10. the lawsuit accuses diocese of negligence for failing to warn parishioners during the '70s that he had been the target of sexual assault allegations appeared he was defrocked in 1987 and pleaded not not know contest to molesting >> city attorney denis filed a lawsuit in april against the owners of clubs way wanting to permanently close it down. he cited not only the shooting outside of the left and 19 year- old man dead and three others injured. but also prior acts of violence neuss security problems in recent years. >> west nile virus miskitos and a dead bird tested positive for
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the west now virus. a dead crow with us now was found near jordan lanes in oakley. reduce activities that could provide mosquitos with a place to breed. san clara valley water district is not instituting mandatory sorry all get that right. mandatory cause such conservation is now voluntary. but instead the board of directors calling tempers and voluntary conservation is what they're asking for now the switch was prompted by improve the water supply when the heavy rainfall. and the restoration of underground water supplies. officials cited continued contribution would benefit the state. >> will be back in just a few moments let's take a peek at the san mateo bridge. it is clear
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here is the difference today is it is cooler. a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
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implement this year and this is a shout across the region, as you can see the items were live on fire over the street during the middle of the night. it included everything from budget slashing to tax hikes to social service cutbacks everything was
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trying to control the normal amount and debt. and of course they're worried about the financial help as it has been dragged down in the past year will see if that happens again today. area? >> it is 630 right now and we're looking at the sunrise. there are a few high clouds there. i do feel cooler already and that he is really holding off for the night and had clause are expected to move inland sold even notice inland temperatures will moret triple digits and the forecast for today in fact we have a pretty good cool, the hood of us the same to signify all. joplin's to set a rose and 10 in napa. and also in oakland. today everybody is in for cool down. it is good news for folks
6:32 am
that want to hit the beach. still getting some 70's out there and 76 in fremont. upper 60s in monday. your afternoon highs will bring you into the low 90s now, vallejo, its 21 of their and nowhere near as hot as it was yesterday. the record breaking heat is across the area. 80s and around the bay. along the coast and down the south by the temperatures are a joke but and low 90s for los gatos and san jose but for monday of about 73 degrees. here's your seven day around the bay. the cold and continues for the rest of the work week and we're about 10 degrees cooler for tomorrow. by the time we had the weekend we will have temperatures and low to mid '80s. those 70's on the bay and licenses on the coast. the time now 632. let us go ahead and look at the traffic with george.
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>> is the hot spot on the atm san leandro. some said fun direction around washington near the 230 interchange and well and feared damage to clear one of the lanes. elaine december 3rd and they're left lane and the right lane are blocked, jackie was here at marina boulevard and said that it was a parking lot. the freeway southbound is just stopped. in that direction and what they have been doing is stopping traffic intermittently and been holding in all lands to clear the accident. actually, to separate passes and both of them occurred here amount to 38 interchange. use the interstate 580 and eastbound towards castro valley and you will save yourself some time for sure. the back of continues to grow on 80 southbound, the northbound problems are no longer a factor for the ride up here and the tanker truck that we thought might have been blocking the lances gone and even though there is an accident here like
6:34 am
short on 580 west bound there is not much of the back up, take a look here. it is in the west bound direction that we had an overturned vehicle and it is up against the center divider and blocking the left lane. the traffic is lighter in that direction at this hour if they manage to get it cleared we will have less of a problem. and this is west bound at lakeshore ftd. the bay bridge does not look good. it is an old slow hand on the metering lights and look at the back that. devil and an offering of five or 10 minutes not already the backup to starting to climb up to 80 ran and this is not boding well for the rest of the commuting group. it is a good ride here heading up to the guadalupe parkway towards tremble like cruz and the exit here, so far no delays for the ride into santa clara. area? >> thank you george. the city of sambar amount the governor's
6:35 am
office is weighing whether to appeal after turned down the state's request for millions in federal disaster aid for the gas pipeline explosion. fema determined that state and local governments, along with the utility that owns the ruptured pipeline, could cover the cost of recovery on their own, however, fema will reimburse california for up to 75 percent of the firefighting expenses connected to the blast. the federal government will not be picking up that tab as well as the tap to restore the neighborhood to how it looked before before this blast. the mess says that although the destruction was that it was not bad enough for local and state governments. as well as pg&e. is there tap. it is the vehicle will impede foreign the firefighting costs and as well as the safety of 30 days to appeal. which is more likely to be done. reporting from san bruno this is will. >> some big changes as well as address thing raise for what they're doing with the sports
6:36 am
program. uc-berkeley is indicating and championship ready and team and the cuts will begin next year. it will save the use receipt $4 million. >> they're not immune to the effects of the financial realities facing the campus. and financial parody said this case that no one on campus support must be reduced. >> so the rugby team will become a club team and men's and women's gymnastics and women's lacrosse, the move will cut to 100 and 60s do athletes and stettin full-time students. >> san francisco's students have pledged to raise funds from sponsors and a host of the 44th american it race, they are also plenty spend $100 million upgrading several peers. there
6:37 am
is the current champion from the oracle racing and the defending champ that chooses the race are weighing offers through spain and airport outside of rome. the next couple of in 2013. >> how about those giants? they're playing like a team and they took on the diamondbacks and is a rough start for sanchez for the last two innings and is still in doubt and their striking out six, it is the 23rd home run of this season and the fun at the back go in with a double and they go ahead on a single and the giants are coming from behind. it is the to and the giants eliminated the rockies the padres lost and the giants are nine teams up with five games to play. >> ok 637 and we will be back with and just a few more things in a couple of seconds. wow, the
6:38 am
heat, a consumer is coming in check out the fog of the golden gate bridge.
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>> welcome back to the kron4 news morning is at least some good news for the hot spot here on a 80 all lanes have been open and the damage is done. the traffic is solidly back at to marina boulevard and kron4 news jackie cecil will be showing us how bad a days. she is stuck in the back up with you and will have a shot to show us how slow the rise. if there's any good news is that they have cleared the lanes not the 80 said fund with any luck we will see things getting back to normal before the commute gets into full swing. the area? >> thank you 641 right now and a woman has been arrested for the seventh time accused of vandalizing luxury vehicles in now mean and santa clara county
6:42 am
and san jose police arrested this woman, 33 year-old nancy g. lee over the weekend, she is accused of fertilizer and honda, mercedes at the west you vallate mall and she is a restive under council suspicion after she posted bail following her arrest for a similar offense which is banned charged in santa clara and she's being held on a $1 million bill. they're expected taking in huge salaries and they now had to the registers office
6:43 am
>> the time of 642 will back a couple minutes as the first-ever cool down for a stretch of the 100 degrees weather. ended as a live shot from mount kem these are the live shots that aren't making a back.
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or any other phone in our lineup. don't miss out. offer ends september 30th. buy a samsung fascinate and any other phone is free. only at verizon. welcome back we have a recap on some stories that we're following this morning. they have blocked an execution and five years. the planned execution for riverside county and is slow. they ordered him to reconsider the legal standards. it will be unable to execute brown or any other inmate for several months. >> the death toll rose to eight tuesday. the san mateo county
6:47 am
emil franco, 58, died monday morning at a san francisco hospital. he lived down the block from the source of the blast. >> jimmy carter canceled book's binding from an upset stomach. >> we might have had trouble sleeping last night but the good news is that we are starting to cool it down today and in fact we're looking at a considerable cool down today, here's it shot of this and starting to rent and you have class pictures as well. into the air it so currently in san rafael and the temperatures are in to the 60s and we are talking about the low 60s and as we head into the afternoon it will be a different picture. it is 64 and oakland and it is about 70 degrees same step. for fremont and as if taken on the
6:48 am
day we're warming up and saying plenty of 80s especially in the unless box and in the '90s, the afternoon height is really popping out in the 80s and 90s today. will pull back down into the 60s is much easier to sleep. here's a look at the afternoon high and much different than the triple digits you see over the last couple of days, and 75 in san francisco and quite a bit of a dip in temperatures dipping into the days of the abc degrees and oakland to 85 degrees in hayward at the close, and as for the keep it and it could still be beach weather but at the base date is 85 degrees and a fremont. here's to seven day around the best ones o'clock today we're going to cool off tomorrow shaving with 10 degrees off of the temperature and continuing with the cool down and by the weekend it went into the 80s and by the weekend 70's around the bay and los 60s for the close. george? >> and having a different than
6:49 am
the traffic department, lot of heat over here as we're now tracking and other bay bridge hot spot because this time there is an accident near la malaguena adeline and they've really crank down the leader in lights a look at this traffic is now just crawling up the incline section even though there are few cars leaving it the meter and lights because the lights serving cycle so slowly and is the three dark crash and as far as you can tell the couch and has not yet arrived on scene that is on route. things are designed to back up that is likely that we're born to see a pretty good back up in the next few minutes. likely bright to the macarthur bay secure one has the option of delaying your departure you may want to think about wading awhile because if you are leaving us now you are likely to be facing a big commute and that is exactly what we are facing today on the freeway south and, it is leaving oakland at marina boulevard for kron4 news jackie
6:50 am
cecil has been monitoring the traffic. check the your on route to an accident of what happened? >> well i had to pull over, the traffic was going so slowly that i am on marine on ramp about 2 1/2 miles from where the accident action is any concede the traffic creeping along, and strangely enough it is much improved but it was five minutes and on and hearing that the traffic, the accident has been cleared and conceded damage is done >> indeed you are right jackie, the accident has been cleared and well as improve the bid is still quite slowed from just as your location all the way down to the scene at the earlier occurring scratch and in fact there were two separate accidents around the welling tan and washington, it was three of the available means and they were able to split off to look into the right and another of cleared the accident completely and all lanes are open but as jackie points out the damage there is done and there is another accident in oakland for it 580 is in the west bound
6:51 am
direction and is a rollover crashes the still blocks the left lane at lake share in the accident is in some much the problem as it is that cushion of safety that the chp has installed, they have closed off the no. 2 lane in order to allow crews time in order to clear the crash it is a minor back up there and even though the still early of the crash is not on the next 30 to 40 minutes we can be facing the delays for west bound later five. cough >> i did think the church. is this 651 and they have the final approval to expand the ban of tobacco sales at stores which includes grocery and big box sales like safeway and before was as pharmacies but now these big box stores and grocery stores are included at the mayor's spokesperson says that the mayor remains concerned about the impact of this with some smaller up bands and the
6:52 am
city, the mayor says that he is inclined to sign the legislation. >> car accidents are the leading cause of death for teens and we're looking to have congress passed new guidelines 14 drivers. >> went to change the regulations 14 drivers. as a safety debate that is being introduced to congress, we want to keep the teenagers safe behind the wheel and we think there should be federal standards not differ once determined by each >> state> it makes clear sense that you know something is working at the local level you take federal action to encourage everybody around the country to take steps that can save lives. >> advocates more and national advocate training program that would give young drivers more privileges of behind the ear in phases. first a learner's permit at 16 years old to learn how to drive with supervision. and then after that an intermediate level that would have the past test
6:53 am
which would permit him it nighttime driving. >> i myself am a 16 year-old driver. for teenagers face saying driving a taking away is not as easy as taking away of cellphone. the face of their risks by driving with other teams and other passengers and by getting an super the pies at night. >> and still make their job easier to stop them from driving risky. this man lost his only son to a car crash. >> parents need to stand up and say no you cannot take your friends my car and no, you cannot drive late at night. >> there is no time for him to us if when and if this will pass through congress. and sandra for kron4 news. it >> 63 will be back with more in just a few minutes. \
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the file on david harmer isn't pretty. a corporate lawyer for a credit card company fined millions, even deceiving seniors. an executive for predatory lenders, as harmer's bank got billions from the wall street bailout. david harmer -- helping corporations rip people off. a record we can't afford. we need jerry mcnerney, small businessman, voting against congressional pay increases and refusing to take them, standing up for what's right. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message.
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welcome back to kron4 news, where track in a new hot spot west bound, there is an accident blocking the right lane just as the tunnel. traffic had already
6:57 am
been slow when this occurred in the the back that reaches beyond west gramm and it close to the foothills. there is no idea of what will be cleared and concede just how slowly the traffic is moving and metering lights have been cranked right down. we're still jammed on the southbound and there was an earlier occurring accident that was just cleared. terry? >> alright, we have seen to get rid of the extreme heat and we are looking at inland areas where the one is one is 98 and the cold and continues for the rest of the week. >> their workers that did not show up for the annual bell ringing contest, the operators say that the union told them to boycott yesterday's event, the union officials denied having anything to do that. the been fighting with the city over cuts in overtime pay and $80 a month
6:58 am
fee for drivers to park their cars at work. they'll be competing with three competitors including me. >> this export 57 left in this memo.
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